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Bahá'í Basics



Abdul-Bahá is the Son of Bahá'u'lláh, He is the Perfect Exemplar of what a Bahá'í should be. He devoted a lot of His time to service and helping others!

Personal Investigation of Truth


Investigating the truth is an important thing, we can become closer to the belief because we have researched into it!

The Soul


The Soul is not made of anything material or physical, the soul carries on after this life time.



Virtues are important, attaining them is one of the purposes of our lives! lets work on one everyday



Materialism is pretty powerful, in can step between us and God. We should know what we need and what we want, and be detached from the things that we own!

Bahá'í Administration


This video illustrates the administrative hierarchy of the Bahá'í Faith 



The economy isn't at its peak, being that we have a huge gap or rich and poor widening, we need to do something! It isn't just that people are overly wealthy and some are extremely poor, this balance is way off and wee need to tip them into balance!

The Purpose of Life


There a a few reason for why we are on this planet:
1. To carry forward an ever advancing civilization
2. To develop our Virtues for the next Realm
3. To recognize our Creator- God

Science and Religion


The argument between science and religion give people the feeling that they have to chose either one, not both. Science and religion, are two paths to the same truth, it doesn't make any sense for God's own creation of nature and his own laws to conflict with each other.

Progressive Revelation


Baha'i's believe in Progressive Revelation, it's the belief that all true religions come from the same God, and that it is like a school system, grade one you learn ABC, grade 2 you learn math, but in grade 2 you dont forget the ABC's, you build upon, same with religion! Baha'i's believe in all the true Prophets of God!


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