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Praying is important! Its feeding your soul, its talking to God and its asking for Guidance, Help, and more!

10 Fun Facts about Naw-Rúz

A short video relating 10 Fun Facts about Naw-Rúz.


This is a video about the Baha'i Holy Day of Naw-Rúz. It includes remarks from President Obama, scenes of the Holy Land and the Houses of Worship, and a discussion between Rainn Wilson and Oprah.

(Naw-Rúz, March 21, is the first day of the Bahá’í year.)

Report: New Jim Crow Reflection Meeting for South Suburbs

Bahá'í principles of justice and independent investigation of truth laid a foundation for the February 17 gathering in South Holland of a four-hour presentation on Michelle Alexander's book "The Ne

Seeing Heaven in the Face of Black Men

Tod Ewing discusses spirituality and his book, "Seeing Heaven in the Face of Black Men"

The Challenging Years

Junior High: a time of immense pain or great growth?

"The junior youth group is comprised of youth between the ages of 11-14 who get together to recognize the spiritual significance of their actions and words."

"Bahá'í Faith says that young people actually have the most power to change the world..."

Baha'is share pain of a persecuted past

Shunned in Iran, hundred of members of the Bahá'í Faith have settled in Chicago area.

One skinny scar lies just to the side of Minoo Panahi's left eye from when a Muslim classm

Two Frogs in a Bowl of Cream

This video is about a junior youth group in the Chicago inner-city where they are working on practicing virtures and learning how to nurture personal relationships.

Michelle Alexander - The New Jim Crow - Hosted by- The Adam Project

The New Jim Crow (complete title The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness) is a 2010 book published by The New Press

Video taken: September 11, 2010

Why Baha'i? - Travian

This is an inspiring story of one person's journey to serve the Youth in his community


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