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The Purpose of Life


There a a few reason for why we are on this planet:
1. To carry forward an ever advancing civilization
2. To develop our Virtues for the next Realm
3. To recognize our Creator- God

Science and Religion


The argument between science and religion give people the feeling that they have to chose either one, not both. Science and religion, are two paths to the same truth, it doesn't make any sense for God's own creation of nature and his own laws to conflict with each other.

Progressive Revelation


Baha'i's believe in Progressive Revelation, it's the belief that all true religions come from the same God, and that it is like a school system, grade one you learn ABC, grade 2 you learn math, but in grade 2 you dont forget the ABC's, you build upon, same with religion! Baha'i's believe in all the true Prophets of God!



Baha'i's believe in one God. God is an unknowable Essence, which means we cannot understand HIm. We don't have the capability to know HIm. We do know a little about HIm through His teachings which He gives through His Manifestations (aka. Prophets)



Suffering can be a good thing if viewed in the right light! It is said: "The more difficulties one sees in the world the more perfect one becomes. The more you plough and dig the ground the more fertile it becomes. The more you cut the branches of a tree the higher and stronger it grows. The more you put the gold in the fire the purer it becomes. The more you sharpen the steel by grinding the better it cuts."



Devotionals, also known as prayer gatherings, are open for all religions or no religion! Devotionals are held for people in the neighborhood or community to gather together and pray! There can be a certain topic, such as unity or peace, or just to have an open prayer time for peoples personal needs!

'Abdu'l-Baha says:

Why do we Need Religion


A lot of people around the world ask this question of why we need religion. Here is what the Bahá'í Faith teaches.

Bahá'u'lláh, the Prophet Founder of the Bahá'í Faith, says:
"Religion is the greatest of all means for the establishment of order in the world and for the peaceful contentment of all that dwell therein."

So religion is here to help us become closer to God, Religion is here also to instill new social laws. Bahá'í believe that the teachings Bahá'u'lláh has given us will bring us closer to God, one of them is the unification of the world!



When we backbite, were hurting our souls, the people who are listening's souls' and the people were talking about! Backbiting is very harmful to the soul, and its taking the life out of it

Light After Life


When people pass away, it can be sad, but were all going to an amazing place!
Learning about it isn't a bad thing, it helps us see what we should do in this life!


Meditation is interesting and important! It is talking with our own spirit!


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