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Bahá'u'lláh: A Glimpse of His Life and Teachings


Bahá'u'lláh is the founder of the Baha'i Faith.

Baha'i Faith - Principles and Practices


To become a Baha'i is to respond to the call of God for this day and to join a global fellowship committed to helping humankind reach the long-promised age of global peace, justice and unity. A person becomes a Baha'i by recognizing Baha'u'llah as the Messenger of God for this age and striving to follow His laws and teachings. 

Intro to the Baha'i Faith


Briefly explore the History, Social Principles, Teachings, and Claim of the Bahá'í Faith.

I am Bahá'í Pt. 2


Interviews with followers of the Bahá'í Faith

I am Bahá'í Pt. 3


Interviews with followers of the Bahá'í Faith

I am Bahá'í Pt. 4


Interviews with followers of the Bahá'í Faith

The Roots of the Bahá'í Faith The Báb and Bahá'u'lláh


Portions of the early history of the Baha'i Faith are covered.

Why I'm glad I'm Bahá'í


Piper shares what she likes about the Baha'i Faith

Patterns of religious growth


Farah's introduction to an informal talk and discussion (i.e. "Bahá'í fireside") about some of the similar patterns in the progressive revelation of God's Divine Messages to humanity through Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus Christ, Mohammad, The Báb, and Bahá'u'lláh.


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