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Northern Illinois Bahá'ís

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Self-Improvement Picnic (Barrington)

Sunday, September 23, 2018 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm CDT


Citizens Park (Jewel Tea Pavilion) Barrington, IL

Where:  Citizens Park, Barrington, IL

Let's pitch in! Helping public to become happy and gain back their self confidence!

The event is announced on-line on the monthly activity site of the Library of Barrington. Please refer public to the Library of Barrington events.

Since May 2018 SpringSummer picnics has drawn the public, and Bahai's with their family and friends to bonding and self-improvement event.

How one may ask? By meeting public in our daily contacts and inviting them to monthly public picnic event held in nature, the park!

So far the hesitant individuls, totally a stranger has attended these public events. 

Or some contacts are keeping in touch by texing and explaining their present diffuculties. The Baha'is are responding and folliwing up by sending them prayers and giving them hope long distance! And follow up in few months which they come to picnic in few months!  This individual guest at picnic said to the Baha'i "I like you more here than in the grocery store!"

Then they went to field trip together visiting the Baha'i House of Worship.  Now closer with many Baha'is, this individual finally gained enough trust and attended Unity feast at the home of a Baha'i!

The 5th and the final outdoor self-improvement gathering for Baha'is and friends are on Sunday September 23rd, 2018. All are welcome, including children and youth!

Then indoor, on October every third Sunday at the same time at 1pm will continue self-improvement (devotional) at the home of the friend of faith who has also completed two Ruhis recently. 

So far the help is handled by support of regularly attending Baha'is and friends.

Hopefully soon, in a not too far future in addition to assistance by present helpers would also want to  REFER public to Cluster 18 for further help. 

Not a financial help, the public are assured.

Thank you.