Northern Illinois Bahá'ís

Northern Illinois Bahá'ís

Uniting Northern Illinois & Chicagoland

Lake County Area Fireside (Long Grove)

2nd Saturday at 6:00 pm


Wilson Residence
5279 Wakefield Lane
Long Grove, IL

Beginning on Saturday, September 8, we will hold a monthly Fireside in our home.  This first event will be participatory for those who wish to share their story of why they became a Bahá'í.  By the time we are through, we may have worked our way through many of those major items on the list of what Bahá'ís believe.


This is the first of a monthly series of gatherings scheduled to occur on the second Saturday of the month (from September through June).  We will begin with a Potluck Dinner, move into a short devotional, with a program to follow.  There will be time for questions and discussion.


Our anticipated schedule will be:

6 PM:               Gathering

6:15 PM:          Shared Potluck Meal

7:15 PM:          Devotions

7:30 PM:          Fireside Program

8:30 PM:          Continued fellowship and discussion and sweets


As hosts, we will provide plates, silverware, cups, glasses, etc..  We will also provide cold drinks and tea.  We ask that Bahá'ís who join us bring a dish to share – and to invite their friends and family who would like to know more about the Faith.  Guests are asked just to bring themselves, their questions, and a willingness to participate in an evening of great food and discussion.


The Fireside will be held at our home – 5279 Wakefield Lane, Long Grove, IL.  (We are the blue two-story house at the very end of the Lane)  If you have questions, please email us at  or call at 847-634-9386 (please leave a message and we will call you back). 


Looking forward to getting this monthly event started!

Geoff and Helen Wilson



Helen T. Wilson