Where I Interview My 11 Year Old Daughter Part 2

Nate Davis Conversations Podcast

In this episode I talk with Nathan Alan Davis, a longtime friend and one of the funniest people I know. He's an award-winning playwright, currently on fellowship at the Julliard in New York City.


Where I Interview My 11 Year Old Daughter

I interview my 11 year old daughter and we talk about religion, our purpose in life, Minecraft, school, and which animals are most ninja-like.

Conversation with Helen Butler


 In this episode I talk with Helen Butler - actor, writer, quilter, artist, all around awesome woman.  We talk about art, race, healing, Baltimore, white privilege, and navigating worlds.  All in less than an hour somehow! 

Conversation with Ben Rhodd


 In this conversation I talk with Ben Rhodd, an American Indian Baha'i from South Dakota. We talk about what we can learn from native traditions about the equality of women and men, independent investigation of the truth, and how a calendar can align us with the divine. 

Ridván Message 172 BE

 In this special episode Suzanne Allmart (my wife!) and Emily Lample join me to review and reflect on the recent Ridván message from the Universal House of Justice.


Conversation with Jamie Sanden


 In this episode I talk with Jamie Sanden, an award-winning professional magician in Chicago. We talk about the power of magic, the transition to doing magic full-time, and then we end with a trick you can do as you listen along! 

Conversation with Bahhaj Taherzadeh


In this episode I talk with Bahhaj Taherzadeh about his music, selling out early, Christopher Hitchens, Vashti Bunyan, and his family history which is intimately linked to the earliest days of the Baha'i Faith in Iran and to Baha'i scholarship through his father's books, such as The Revelation of Baha'u'llah.

Conversation with Anna Castelaz

In the first episode of Conversations I talk with Anna Castelaz about art, film, Black revolutionary movements and Baha'i views on race, what a Baha'i cinema would look like, and the White response to Ferguson!