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The New Jim Crow

In this video Michelle Alexander discusses the subject of the New Jim Crow and its ramifications.

As you have probably noticed, I have uploaded videos and m

An Internet Baha'i - Mary Hanson

Fifteen years ago, I was in a difficult time in my life both personally and professionally. I realized I needed spiritual help, so I went back to the Methodist Church of my childhood. After 6 months of crying at every service, I realized that approach to God was not working for me, despite loving church members.

After Newtown

In the aftermath of Newtown it can be frustrating when looking at the news.  And I'm sure my $.02 worth is not going to make that much difference, but we, as a nation need to make some difficult changes in order to do something about what is truly going on in a society where such carnage is becoming more and more commonplace.

An Observation, now that the election is over.

Now that the election is over I have a couple of observation/thoughts I wish to express.

The first of these is that as Bahá’ís we are encouraged to stay out of conflict and contention, which are the characteristics of our partisanship politics practiced in our current political system.   Being Bahá’í is about coming together, working together for the greater good of all humanity.

Why Bahá'í - Adrian McKee


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