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Why I Am A Baha'i - Su Boddie


Wilmette, IL

I don't know why. Only God can tell you that. But I know how: when my relationship broke up I moved into a duplex - women on one side, men on the other. I shared the top floor with Wanda and she used to allow me to browse her bookshelf for new treasures. I happened to notice an etched-glass panel she had, which I recognized immediately. 18 months prior to this day I sat in the back seat of a Karman Ghia and stared out the window at a building that none of us knew anything about. The picture that Wanda had was a view up one of the pylons of the House of Worship in Wilmette. I said "I know that place". She said "That's the Baha'i House of Worship. I'm a Baha'i." My first thought was: that's fine, I like you anyway. 

About a month later Wanda invited me to a fireside. (I REALLY have to learn to not say "yes" when people ask me something I have no clue about!) That was Friday, 8 January 1971. The next night I went to my second fireside with John, who lived on the man's side of our duplex. Long story short: the topic of conversation was "Which child are you? Oldest, middle-est, or youngest?" After listening to the replies what I meant to say was "It would appear that I am the only youngest child here." What came out was "It would appear that I am the youngest here." John turned to me and asked "Was that a declaration?" And I said "yes", although I had no idea what "a declaration" was. (See what I mean about saying "yes"?) 01/09/1971

"Thief in The Night" was the first Baha'i book I read. "Some Answered Questions" was the second. And so it goes. 

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