Northern Illinois Bahá'ís

The New Jim Crow


Northern Illinois USA Glen Ellyn, IL

In this video Michelle Alexander discusses the subject of the New Jim Crow and its ramifications.

As you have probably noticed, I have uploaded videos and made several reference to this issue.  I first became aware of this was last summer at a Bahá'í Conference in Green Lake Wisconsin.  As she made her presentation it made perfect sense to me. There were many things that feel into place, things I had always suspected but had never quite put the pieces together.

After her presentation I made a comittment to do what I could to help inform others of this issue because the first step in correcting any problem is to become aware of the issue. 

So with that in mind I want to ask did you know:

That we as a people are not colorblind but rather are blind to the realities of race in America.

That a Racial Caste System exists in America.

That the "get tough on crime" policies that began in the early 70's were begun in an effort to negate the gains of the Civil Rights Movement.

That there are parallels between mass incarceration and Jim Crow and earlier systems of racial control.

That we all have difficulty understanding the magnitude of the harm caused to communities of color by the practice of mass incarceration. 

That the practice of mass incarceration labels people of color as "Felons" inorder to justify denying them their constitutuional rights and their rights as human beings.

We need to learn more and spread the word about this issue which is crippling us and our nation.